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January 06th 2014

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Barbara chapman
June 28th 2009

I feel so blessed to be apart of such an awesome ministry. My family and I are expecting God to do miraculous things. I know hearts are prepared to receive and God has prepared you and your team to give. May God bless you and eqiup as you continue on walking out the great commision of Christ.
Moncia Echevarria
June 26th 2009

It is AWSOME TO SEE YOU & YOUR FAMILY WALKING OUT YOUR DESTINEY TO DO THE WORK OF THE LORD. I believe you still need to teach Armor Bear's to some some small churches. No matter What I know GOD is with you Pastors.
Joe Livingston
June 24th 2009

I pray that this church will be a mighty cannon against the darkness! Be blessed and highly favored!!
Psalms 37:5 Entrust your ways to the LORD. Trust him, and he will act [on your behalf]
Pastors Mike and Teri Sims
June 23rd 2009

Watching the plan of God unfold is something that we never get tired of! Slowly, but surely, The River flows and the valley recieves life! Congratulations and you know we will see you soon! We will be praying for your super HUGE launch and continued blessings. Kick down all the barriers and push back the gates of hell!!! Satan is 'ticked' because a large piece of his 'turf' is coming back to God. All our best from Me and Teri and the entire Bridge family! LOOK OUT DEVIL...WE'RE COMING TO TAKE BACK GOD'S PEOPLE!
Prophet Vivian Prevett
June 22nd 2009

Will young man, there are no words to express how proud I am of you. I know you and Bridgette, ARE great pastors, and you both at each others side, will lead with integrity and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Love you both so very much. God bless you.
Lorraine Jacobs
June 14th 2009

God is Good!! I know great things are going to happen for you Be Blessed
Love Guys
Ashley Zertuche
June 14th 2009

Great to see you guys doing your own thing cant wait to check it out! Good looking website!
Love you guys
Zertuche Family
Lisa Vining
June 13th 2009

Thank you for your willingness and boldness!
Bruce Goolsby
June 13th 2009

Joseph & Bridgette, your site looks great and I am excited to see how God uses you in your new endeavor. It's a great day for the Kingdom and I look forward to working with Radiant Life to spread the gospel of Christ here in the Valley and the world!
Devon Bujdoso
June 13th 2009

Pastor Joseph and Bridgette,
We are so happy for you all and are excited to come to your first service! We love you and thank you for all of the years you poured into our family! We'll see you soon!
Michele Goolsby
June 12th 2009

Hey family,
Your site looks great. Love you bunches and praying for God's best for you.
Warren Stewart
June 10th 2009

Love the site! We are praying for you and thank God for your much anticipated launch. God has so many great things in store for you all. We are also thankful for our season of impartation from your ministry, which is one of the reasons we are in position to serve God's people and sow seeds for the Kingdom. We Love You and are standing on this water with you. God Bless your family and the Radiant Life Family from us and Church of The Remnant.

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